Amanda’s Village: 100 Kids Cured

Amanda’s Village: 100 Kids Cured

Do you want to be envied? Yes. We all do.  It’s okay to want that.  You’re human. I think it’s okay to be envied.  If it’s for the right things, it can encourage others to do the same.

What if you were envied for how generous you are?  Instead of how nice your car is or how big your home is you were envied for how big you give?!

God’s word says, “blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied is the one who considers the weak and the poor; the Lord will deliver him in the time of evil and trouble” (Psalm 40:1 AMP)

I don’t know about you, I want to be that kind of blessed!  The one that lasts for eternity!  The other one is so fleeting.

This week, I’d LOVE to see 100 kids be cured of parasites in Bangladesh.  You can help achieve this goal and not spend a dime!  Have all your friends do like you did and text “Amanda” to 34-444 and a child will get the medicine they need to rid them of worms causing them to have constant pain, diarrhea, and become malnurished.

A bigger blessing is waiting for you to partner with me to transform the lives of the families in my village, Parulia Para.  The kids have parasites because their water is poisoned with Arsenic, there is no way for them to get clean water unless you and I partner with World Concern to bring it to them.  That way we can permanently cure them from parasites. Their mothers and fathers have a high risk of cancer because they’ve been drinking this water for years.  This can be reversed!

Would you be 1 of 5 people today to commit with me to completely transform Amanda’s Village and bring them out of extreme poverty?  In just 3 years, of giving $39/month, you and I can bring them clean water, cure their children, teach them how to be completely self sustaining!  Oh and we get to save their girls from child marriage too!  Now that is worth a post on your Instagram!

If you are one of those first 5 I will personally hand deliver a letter and pictures of your family when I visit Amanda’s Village, Parulia Para, Bangladesh.  Just sign up for your sponsorship and send me an email

Thank you for your partnership and your generosity.  I know God is blessing you for considering the weak and the poor.

Let’s be envied for not how much we have, but for how much we give!



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