Amanda’s Village: Day 1

Amanda’s Village: Day 1

A thorough and dramatic change.  That is the definition of transformation.  Just like the caterpillar who has been crawling around in the dirt has to make a decision to go into a cocoon to transform, you today are making an important transformational decision, to be generous.  To make your life not about accumulating a bunch of things, but about accumulating souls in heaven with you for eternity.  If you’ve thought recently, “there’s got to be more out of this life”, you’re right!

I’m excited to announce that you and I are about to become the catalyst to make transformation possible for 135 families living in extreme poverty.  They are our families.  Our village. Together, we can save them.  We can heal their children, provide clean water, and teach them how to stand on their own two feet. Most importantly, we will introduce them to their true rescuer, Jesus.

We’re going to adopt a village – together – and provide things they need until they can stand on their own. The village is in Bangladesh and it’s called Parulia Para.

I”m working with World Concern. They enter as a partner – not doing things for the
village, but working with the village until such time as that village can stand
on its own.

I have committed to getting 17 sponsors every month for Amanda’s Village.  Would you do me a favor and check it out?  Go to to see the need and find out how you can help.

You can also text “Amanda” to 34-444 and you will be signed up to learn more about our village, plus, your text will trigger the gift of medicine to cure one child of
parasites in Bangladesh. That’s a great first step – one text, get some info,
and cure a child.

I find it fascinating that once the caterpillar has transformed in it’s cocoon, and it’s ready to emerge, if someone comes along and helps her out, their wings do not work. If the butterfly wiggles it’s self out of the cocoon it takes flight.  It’s the struggle that gives her the strength to fly.

Together with World Concern we will help Amanda’s Village become completely self sustaining.  They will be a part of the process of building a water well, sending children to school, learning how to grow healthy food to feed their families.  It takes about three years to completely transform a village out of extreme poverty with World Concern’s “One Village Transformed” program. They will not be dependent on Western money.  You are equipping them to fly.
You are beginning their transformation with your gift today. It’s a commitment of $39/month.  Along the way you will receive quarterly emails about what’s new with our village. You will get to know the families and children that you are transforming by name. It’s a commitment to making your life not about accumulating a bunch of stuff for you that will end up in a pile for Good Will, but accumulating souls with you for eternity.

I have a feeling that we’re doing more than just transforming Amanda’s Village, in the process we will be transformed as well. Together we’ll witness the transformation of Parulia Para, Bangladesh, and give courage to those that need it most.

I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! 


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