Amanda’s Village Explained: Can you end Extreme Poverty?

Amanda’s Village Explained: Can you end Extreme Poverty?

How do you transform a village out of extreme poverty in 3 years? Is this really possible? Yes!

Is this for real? I had the same questions when I first heard about World Concern’s “One Village Transformed” program.  They say they are “working themselves out of a job.”  They are ending extreme poverty one village at a time.

It’s like no other outreach you’ve heard of because their goal is that the village won’t need them anymore. That’s why I decided to not just tell their story, but become a part of it.  

Watch this video to find out how this approach is SO effective!

It’s been said don’t ask God to bless what you are doing, but look for where He is working and join in the effort.  I see God working through World Concern to serve the poorest of the poor and show them the love of Jesus.

Everything you see on TV  makes our world seem so bleak, but I saw something different.  I went to see Amanda’s Village in Bangladesh in person.  I sat in the homes of mothers that don’t have food for their children.  I was offered cold water by a family I knew I couldn’t drink because it was poisoned with Arsenic. I saw great need and suffering.

I also saw hope. I met with women in other villages that were able to start their own business thanks to World Concern. They were not just able to feed their family, they employed others, they improved their homes to be safer to live.  They were standing on their own two feet and very proud of it.  That’s the point I want to get the families in our village, Parulia Para, Bangladesh. 

You…this tribe of readers that look for inspiration to be brave despite all circumstances it’s time for us to give that same courage away to others that are suffering in unimaginable ways.  We have a village.  Let’s take care of them!

Amanda’s Village is in the “keep them alive” stage going on right now in Parulia Para, Bangladesh. Your donation right now immediately goes to provide food, clean water, and will begin the process of educating families and helping them learn about health, sanitation, and eventually how to be economically independent.

Jesus said, “when you serve the least of these you serve me.” When you feed a child in Bangladesh who hasn’t eaten in three days, you feed Jesus.  When you help dig a well deeper so the water isn’t poisoned with arsenic anymore you are serving Jesus a clean glass of water. When you save a girl from child marriage at 12 because her family sees her as one last mouth to feed, you save Jesus.

Could you be 1 of 5 readers right now to say yes and transform 136 families lives out of extreme poverty for just $39/month? You will get emails with pictures, stories and encouragement about how they are doing, and you will also get the satisfaction of knowing YOU saved lives. YOU fed their children.  YOU protected girls from child marriage, YOU introduced families to Jesus.  Just go to


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