Amanda’s Village: The One Thing Every Girl Deserves

Amanda’s Village: The One Thing Every Girl Deserves

You can make sure she get’s it.

It’s been said, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation. When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.” 

I was overjoyed this week to see school supplies in the store!  I began getting excited at a fresh new opportunity for my kids to start school, and let’s face it, get out of the house! Then, I remembered the girls waiting for that chance in Amanda’s Village in Bangladesh.

I thought about how much I will spend buying new jeans, school sand binders for my girls, and realized for a third of that I can make sure a girl in Bangladesh is able to go to school.

Education for women is the key to eliminating extreme poverty. When a girl in Bangladesh is sent to school she is protected from child marriage, she has a way to provide for herself, she will read and make sure her children learn to read too.

In Bangladesh, IF families have enough money for school they send the sons, not the girls.  Yes, this is still happening in 2018.  I know. Insane.  Did your jaw just strop and your brain screamed NOT FAIR too?

World Concern is fixing this atrocity and you can help!  They gave us a village! We are working to transform the lives of every family in Parulia Para, Bangladesh.  It’s so unique because in three years, we exit.  The goal is to make sure they have enough food, clean water, proper sanitation, and education, then we leave and they stand on their own two feet!  They are not dependent on western money forever.  It’s just they need a little leg up right now and you and I can be a part of it!

I met this group of young women while I was there that live in other villages World Concern has helped. I saw the hope!  They went from little girls fearful of child marriage to strong young women wanting to be doctors, journalists, lawyers, and educators!  You have the chance to give that gift to the children of Parulia Para!  It’s $39/month for 3 years and together we bring them out of extreme poverty and give the the gift that every child deserves, hope! You can stop the cycle!  This is what you make possible when you give to Amanda’s Village!

You save young girls from child marriage and give them hope by sending them to school!  Listen to their dreams! When I was in Bangladesh, they graciously allowed me to film them sharing their aspirations after they graduate.  It was a jaw dropping moment listening to them.  These are world changers right here!  You make it possible for them to change their country  when you give $39/month for 3 years to transform their village out of extreme poverty!  Give now at

Concerned about the $39/month?  Remember this one word.  It’s one of the most overlooked words in the Bible…

“For have I not commanded you, declares the Lord, to be strong and courageous for I go WITH you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

I love this promise. God never commands you do something alone. His promise is to hold your hand and be with you. As you are walking along side the children in Paurlia Para with your $39/month gift, God is walking WITH you to provide for you.  If you have just an inkling right now thinking wow, someone should do something…that someone is you!  Please go to and be a part of true transformation!

Practice the gospel of with today my friend… Be with our village, while you allow God to be with you!



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