Big Prayer Tuesday: Limitless Wonder

Big Prayer Tuesday: Limitless Wonder

Father, I believe that Your power is limitless.  The only limits I have are the ones that I allow.  I want to be the kind of person that doesn’t say, “I would if I could God” but the kind of person that declares, I can and I will because I know that You are with me wherever I go.

May I never loose my wonder.  Father restore in me a child like faith that anything is possible because You are ONLY good.  I believe and declare you are filling me with wonder.  Lord, fill me with limitless faith that believes You can and will do anything for me as long as it is the best for me.

Because I have pledged my belief and love to You, in return You have reconciled me to you, You have restored the world to favor with You!  You are not counting up and holding against trespasses against us, but you have cancelled them, and restored us to your favor. (2 Cor. 5:19)

So, father like a child has no fear of asking a parent for their dreams, Lord I come to you today asking you for mine.  This is my BIG prayer….

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Today’s prayer inspired by this song, Wonder from Bethel Music

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