Big Prayer Tuesday: The Relationship Edition

Big Prayer Tuesday: The Relationship Edition

It’s time to stop saying safe prayers, the prayers that you think God can answer. Instead join me in challenging ourselves and talk to God about the BIG stuff. The kind of prayer that can only be answered if God gets involved. That way, he gets all the credit.

Today’s Big Prayer Tuesday show was focused on YOUR RELATIONSHIP! Whether you are in one or want to be in one, please pray with me.

“God, thank you so much for your example of marriage and the fact that you don’t want us to walk alone. You brought us a companion to live life with help us to look at that companion with unreasonable amounts of grace like it’s the only size it comes in. Give us your eyes for our companion. And Father, oh I pray for singles God, that you would please comfort them in their loneliness and bring them the person of their dreams soon! Open up their eyes and have them ready! -In jesus’ name, Amen.

Would love for you to listen to today’s prayer and help me pray with all the requests that came in.

Oh and if you have the new Amazon Echo you can now say, “Alexa enable Amanda Carroll” and listen at home! Love, AC

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