Thought of the Day: What about the Mothers?

The first time I held Emily after giving birth What about the Mothers?  Why are are mothers thrown away when we fail? Cast offs…banished from society. I’m all for help for children and rescuing them when their parents enganger their lives.  But, who’s rescuing the mothers?  Who is coming to their aid?  Who is willing to […]

Thought of the Day: “Vanessa Williams looked like she walked into a turkey shack, plucked feathers, and dipped them in paint”

  Today’s thought curtosy of my friend Chante!   I didn’t mind it as much as Chante did.  Hey, it’s the Emmy’s, where else can you wear a dress like that?  I just thought her response was hilarious! Most boring Emmy’s ever!  I fell asleep watching it! Favorite moments: Katherine Heigl correcting the announcer chick who […]

Washington D.C. Slideshow

[slideshow id=576460752315244940&w=426&h=320] Highlights of the trip:  American History Museum items:  Marilyn Monroe’s Gloves, Abraham Lincoln’s top hat, Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers and a script from Wizard of Oz, Jackie O’s Inagural gown, and the first box of crayons Real Life War Protest with a funny bus with guys on top doing acrobatic moves.  Watching a cabbie […]

Thought of the Day: What would make you protest?

While walking around in Washington D.C. today we ran into a large war protest.  It made me think:  What am I that passionate about in our government that would make me come out and wear a funny outfit, hold up signs, and protest? Maybe a tax credit for stay-at-home parents?  More mom friendly work schedules that […]

The Office of Thrift Supervision

My friend Kristie has a nickname for our husbands.  We call them the “Minister of Finance”.  They both are very “budget minded” and sometimes down right cheap.  So, I couldn’t resist taking Greg’s picture by this building during our sight-seeing in Washington D.C. It’s a real place just around the corner from the White House.  I […]

Hurdles and a New Pair of Shoes

I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do this move today.  After a 3 hour inspection inside the home we made an offer on, with 11 items on a list that included everything from repaiving a driveway, to electrical problems, to holes in the roof, I really was ready to walk…stomp […]

My Arms Feel So Empty

We’re in Washington D.C. looking for a home.  We’re moving here in October because my husband was transfered here.  It’s also our first trip away from Emily.  It’s been 3 days and my arms are so empty.  I’m sure my husband is getting sick of me wanting him to hug me all the time.  I’m […]

Thought of the Day: I told him from now on…for the last time…that’s it!

 How many times have women said that to their men?  For me it’s leaving the toilet seat up.  What about you?

Approaching Something New with Reckless Abandon

Emily’s first trip to the beach:  Labor Day 2007 [slideshow id=432345564237048386&w=426&h=320] No fear.  No worries.  She just went for it!  She splashed in the water, ran into the waves screaming with joy, dug into the sand with her bare hands and wiped it all over her little body.   She didn’t have a care in the […]

Thought of the Day: “What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about?”

Please leave your thoughts… P.S.  My Mom and I saw that sign in the window of a shop in Galveston today on The Strand.  For some reason, we found it hysterically funny.  We couldn’t talk we were laughing so hard.  Maybe you just had to be there.