My Arms Feel So Empty

We’re in Washington D.C. looking for a home.  We’re moving here in October because my husband was transfered here.  It’s also our first trip away from Emily.  It’s been 3 days and my arms are so empty.  I’m sure my husband is getting sick of me wanting him to hug me all the time.  I’m […]

Thought of the Day: I told him from now on…for the last time…that’s it!

 How many times have women said that to their men?  For me it’s leaving the toilet seat up.  What about you?

Approaching Something New with Reckless Abandon

Emily’s first trip to the beach:  Labor Day 2007 [slideshow id=432345564237048386&w=426&h=320] No fear.  No worries.  She just went for it!  She splashed in the water, ran into the waves screaming with joy, dug into the sand with her bare hands and wiped it all over her little body.   She didn’t have a care in the […]

Thought of the Day: “What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about?”

Please leave your thoughts… P.S.  My Mom and I saw that sign in the window of a shop in Galveston today on The Strand.  For some reason, we found it hysterically funny.  We couldn’t talk we were laughing so hard.  Maybe you just had to be there.

Emily’s first haircut

[slideshow id=576460752312991960&w=426&h=320] The pictures pretty much tell the story. At 18 months, her first haircut, at 18 years old she’s going to love this…really…Emmie, you will my sweet girl. A Special THANK YOU to Jessica at Toni and Guy in The Woodlands for making this very memorable moment possible; and for making mommy, Ga-Ga (Grandma), and […]

Roller Coaster Ride

 So, there is a “For Sale” sign in my yard.   Here’s the story:   In April, I was inspired to pray for God to “move me”.  I was listening to a sermon based on Peter walking on water…you know the one, when God had to “goad” him out of the boat.  At that time in my […]

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car

  Emily’s First Car One of Emily’s favorite things is The Wiggles.  She dances to it with her Daddy.  So when we walked into a The Children’s Closet, a consignment shop in Kingwood yesterday and she saw the “Big Red Car” from The Wiggles, she puckered up her little lips and said “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.  (Every word […]

It’s Easy Being Green…

I have another admission for you.  I’m Green.  There I said it.  I’m Green.  I’m a Christian.  I’m a Republican.  Don’t think those go together?  Why not?  Sometime near the dawn of the term “Values Voters” when Christians got uber-political and began endorsing candidates based on shared values, environmentalism got pushed to the “other” side…the dreaded […]

Trendy Baby Goodies

I’ve come to realize that Motherhood brings about a whole new relm of shopping fun.  I seem to be not satisfied with the traditional baby designs that you find at the major stores like Babies R Us.  I found this very hip place called Bugaboo Baby.  My mom purchased some of the most adorable bibs, […]

Exercise…My Daily Prozac

One of the best things I’ve learned to do to treat depression is to get exercise!  A good 30 minute workout releases chemicals in your brain that actually boost your mood.  Some people call it the “runner’s high”.  I call it “my prozac”.  I gained over 50 pounds with my pregnancy.  I lost it when […]