Inspired by a woman named Ima Hogg

     Since our trip to Bayou Bend on Saturday, I’ve been reading a lot about the woman with the most unfortuante name but most fortunate life, Ima Hogg.  She was anything but a joke.  She is inspiring.   Bayou Bend is the home and gardens of Ima Hogg.  After oil was found on her families land, she became an incredible philathropist, […]

Happy 100th Birthday Blue Bell!

Every weekend I try to plan a “family outing”.  If I didn’t plan something, we’d probably stay inside the whole weekend on our computers!  Emily loves to go outside and we always notice such an amazing growth in her development when we expose her to something new.  So this weekend we went to the 100th […]

Sometimes I Sing Before Breakfast…Cry Before Bed

 I struggle with depression.  There, I said it. I used to hide and cry for hours in my closet, and spend weekends in bed.  I’ve conquered it with a lot of help, but I have to be honest with you today was a  tough day as my family is facing major changes with my transition […]

No honey, Mommy doesn’t have time to blow B-U-B-B-L-E-S

  This morning, I was running around as usual with a cup of coffee in one hand and my daughter Emily on my hip.  I was trying to boot up my computer to check my email, and connect with the world after a restful weekend.  But Emily, had a different idea.  She wanted to blow B-U-B-B-L-E-S.  We’ve resorted to […]

A New Season for the Afternoon Show

We know that God has good plans for us, plans to propser us, not to harm us, plans for hope and a future…and that future is changing for the Afternoon Show.  The Chuck and Amanda Show is retiring!  Amanda has gotten a “promotion”.  She has been hired by God to become a full-time mommy to […]

Are you dancing with Jesus?

I just got this amazing video emailed to me from Brandi, a listener to the Afternoon Show.  It’s a skit that was done at Winterfest this year set to “Everything” by the band Lifehouse.  It brought me to tears and reminded me how careful I need to be every single day to cling to Jesus.  We have […]

My Child

There’s a poem I’ve read on the air before that always gets lots of requests for copies, so here it is!  It’s all from God’s word!  I love it so much because it reminds us how deep and personal God’s love is for us.  Love, Amanda My Child  I know everything about you…Psalm 139:1 I […]

He Locks the Doors

My 8 year wedding anniversary is coming up soon.  It amazes me in just 8 years how much my husband, Greg, and I have learned, and how far we have come.  The other night I was reminded at how it’s the simple things in our relationship that my husband does to love me.  It’s not […]

Emily discovers pudding

It was one of those times, where you don’t care how bad the mess is.  Emily was having so much fun eating chocolate pudding on Sunday night that she turned into finger paint.  It was everywhere!  I quick snapped this pic with my cell phone.  Oh how being a parent changes your perspective on life!  […]

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Houston’s Ultimate Afternoon Radio Show is… Oct. 24, 2006, 5:04PM   AFTERNOON RADIO SHOW Chuck Pryor & Amanda Carroll (89.3 FM KSBJ) • Fans of the afternoon DJs at KSBJ-FM flooded us with enough votes to not only secure the top write-in spot but the overall win, as well.   THANK YOU THANK YOU […]