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Amanda’s Village: The One Thing You Need to Know to be Brave!

You already possess everything you need to live a brave life, and truly be great.  You just might not be tapping into correctly! Watch this video and be inspired to be brave, be great, and serve! It’s my latest Instagram episode.  Love how we can use technology to encourage each other! Would you be brave […]

Amanda’s Village Explained: Can you end Extreme Poverty?

How do you transform a village out of extreme poverty in 3 years? Is this really possible? Yes! Is this for real? I had the same questions when I first heard about World Concern’s “One Village Transformed” program.  They say they are “working themselves out of a job.”  They are ending extreme poverty one village […]

The Choice No Woman Should Ever Have to Make

To eat, or to maintain your honor.  No woman should ever have to make this choice. “Food is a big problem because we don’t have enough money. So we often starve for that reason. Also many men in the community target me and the other women and try to persuade us with food. But, I […]

One Thing Your Kids Need this Summer

Last night I sat down with my calendar and added up expenses for summer camps for all 3 kids.  There has to be a better way! I realized I was spending at least $600/week just to get my kids out of the house.  What if we did something different?  I fail my Sunshines if I […]

Amanda’s Village: Strong Women Needed

“I see a strong group of women.” -Anne Her biggest desires are a bed for her children, and a toilet.  That’s it.  She is 30…she’s a widow.  I met Jasmine in Bangladesh last week and my heart shattered into a million pieces.  Her husband died 6 years ago, she has 5 children.  Her only option as a woman in […]

The ONE Secret to Greatness

What are you doing today to be great? I have an idea for you. If you want to be known, if you want to make an impact with your life, you need to know this secret to accomplishing greatness. It’s not about the competitive sports your kids play or their private education. It’s not about […]

Amanda’s Village: 100 Kids Cured

Do you want to be envied? Yes. We all do.  It’s okay to want that.  You’re human. I think it’s okay to be envied.  If it’s for the right things, it can encourage others to do the same. What if you were envied for how generous you are?  Instead of how nice your car is […]

Amanda’s Village: Day 1

A thorough and dramatic change.  That is the definition of transformation.  Just like the caterpillar who has been crawling around in the dirt has to make a decision to go into a cocoon to transform, you today are making an important transformational decision, to be generous.  To make your life not about accumulating a bunch […]