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Daily Prayer: For an Awesome Valentine’s Day!

Today you have an opportunity to show the world LOVE! No matter what your relationship status is, this is a prayer for you to make Valentine’s Day the best ever by giving love away to your loved one, family, friends, even perfect strangers. “Father, thank you for your never ending un-stoppable, always and forever love!  […]

Daily Prayer: For Your Deep Rooted Desires

On Today’s Show: How to instantly change your mood by reliving one of your favorite moments; daily prayer asking God for help in achieving your deep rooted desires, how to be a wise woman, and not feel like a hot mess! BIG NEWS! You can now listen to highlights of the show on your Amazon […]

Big Prayer Tuesday: The Relationship Edition

It’s time to stop saying safe prayers, the prayers that you think God can answer. Instead join me in challenging ourselves and talk to God about the BIG stuff. The kind of prayer that can only be answered if God gets involved. That way, he gets all the credit. Today’s Big Prayer Tuesday show was […]

30 Days of Thankful Prayer Day 30: Boldness

“Father, thank you for having our back and promising that we can do anything if we ask for it in Your name. Oh Father, today help us to be BOLD. We don’t allow our prayers to be big enough. Maybe we’re scared or embarrassed to ask for what we REALLY need and want. But, you […]

30 Days of Thankful Prayer Day 29: Change

“Father, thank you for being the one that can change us. We can try diets, new exercises, or ten-step plans for a better life, but surrendering to You is the only thing that will last. Help us to celebrate the change you have made in our lives, instead of constantly feeling guilty for our mistakes. […]

30 Days of Thankful Prayer Day 28: Comfort

“Father, thank you for providing us with everlasting comfort. Everything else is just a big fake. Forgive us for looking other places to find comfort. Food, shopping, friends, and family are just a temporary fix. They replace what we really need, a deep connection to You. Lord, hold us! Please wrap Your loving arms around […]

30 Days of Thankful Prayer Day 27: Never Giving Up

“Father thank you for NEVER giving up on us. Family might fail us, friends might abandon us, but You endure through every circumstance. Lord, since You are the source and perfect expression of love (1 John 4:7-8); we know that YOU never give up us, YOU never lose faith in us, YOU are always hopeful, […]

30 Days of Thankful Prayer Day 26: Making it Personal

“Father, thank you for be a personal kind of God. So intimate in your relationship with us that You call us by name. During those moments when we can’t stop thinking about how afraid we are, remind us of this promise.“ Lord, You have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down […]

30 Days of Thankful Prayer Day 25: Meeting Needs

“Father, thank you for seeing value in us! Thank you for the promise that You will take care of every physical and emotional need. For You say, “Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him […]

30 Days of Thankful Prayer Day 24: Cleaning Up Our Mess

“Father, thank you for being the kind of God that we can come to when not everything is perfect. Well, let’s be honest, when everything is a complete mess. We can come to you begging, screaming, and pouring out our soul! Today, let us follow the example of Hannah in the Bible who said, “I […]