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Prayer to Stop “Freaking Out”

If you find your self standing on a road you didn’t plan… Oh God, thank you for your promise that you never leave our side, even if we loose sight of you.  Help us to realize today that what we can do with You. After all, the most powerful force in the universe is on […]

Prayer for Persistance

Father, thank you for always being fair, and just.  Lord, sometimes when we feel like we want to stomp our feet and yell like a 2 year old who doesn’t get their way, “NOT FAIR!”  Remind us it’s not about our way.  Your way is so much better!   Instead help us to be like […]

Prayer to Not Give Up

God, when circumstances in life feel limiting, when faults and failures make us feel ruined, remind us that we have the power to change all that, because we have You! For your word says your faithful love never ends, and your mercies never cease, they begin afresh each morning. (Lam 3:22-23) If you don’t give […]

Prayer for an Overflowing

The more we focus on the fullness of our lives, the more grateful and satisfied we become.  Preparing for school to start is so busy and so expensive, it began to stress me out.  Instead, we need to reframe this. Papa, oh how I want to feel satisfied with my life just as it is, today. […]

Prayer to Finally Get Somewhere

Father, I’m all yours.  I can’t do this on our own. Today, help us to give up. I’m tired of being trapped on this island because I can’t seem to navigate the waves coming at me. I’m just going in circles. Lord, I want to set sail. You are the strongest, and most reliable force […]

Prayer for Uncertain Times

Father, I believe You can change circumstances in an instant.  I believe every situation we are in has an opportunity to be redeemed when we deploy Your power in our lives.  So today, I unleash You over that situation that feels undesirable, and let You redeem it for Your glory.  I believe.  I am confident […]

Prayer to Flip it Around!

Father, thank You for Your promise to turn every mess up, wrong turn, and bad circumstance into something GOOD!  Today we ask You to take the situation that we are in, that is holding us back, and FLIP it around!  This is Your speciality.  Lord turn our mess into  our message! Lord, show us Your purpose in […]

Prayer for Possibility

Father, thank you that You see promise, potential, and possibility in us.  Scratch that!  You see even more!  Lord, help us to kick out any thoughts of failures, inadequacies or just over all the thought “I’m not good enough.” That is a lie!  We can be our own worst enemy.  Lord, let us be able to […]

Prayer to be Brave!

Papa, today we ask that you banish fear from our lives and replace it with bravery. Help us look at that thing we are so afraid of and see You conquering it with us. For fear is not from You. Remind us when we are afraid to face that fear, move forward, and create a […]

Prayer to Be Brave

Father, I am grateful that I do not have to muscle up my own strength to get through the day.  You make me brave! For Your word says, “On the day I ·called to you, you answered me.    You ·made me strong and brave, have emboldened and encouraged my soul with strength.” -Psalm 138:3 (AMP) Lord, I […]