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Don’t Call Me a Single Mom, I’m a Professional Mom.

I don’t like it. Maybe I will warm up to that title, but for some reason it doesn’t sit well with me. In my humble opinion, it carries baggage. Negative baggage. It seems to imply that you are alone, but I don’t feel alone. I am grateful to my network of friends and family that […]

A Fresh New Start

You will begin seeing changes about my life on Facebook, email, etc.  I wanted to explain why.  I have ended my marriage.  It happened last August, when I discovered that my husband had a relationship outside of our 11 year marriage, and decided to move out.  Over the past year we have seen counselors and […]

Friday, January 15, 2010 “How to talk to your kids about Haiti”

How to talk to kids about Haiti It’s hard enough for adults to understand the despair happening in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, but what about your kids?  Here’s an article I found with some good practical advice about how to discuss the issue with your children in a way they will understand. Sarah […]

Welcome to the World Andy!

He is here!   Andrew Gregory Fisher was born 10-19-08 at 4:20pm EST.  He is 6lb 12 oz and 20 1/4 inches long.  He is perfect!  Mommy is doing well too.  Labor took about 10 hours and pushing 1 hour.  whew… We feel so amazingly blessed to have another healthy baby.  Thank you God! Love, […]

Labor has started!

We are in the hospital!  Started labor around 1am on Sunday, October 19th.   Labored at home until 5:30am.  Arrived at the hospital around 6am.  Yay!  Doing well.  No pain meds yet…trying to hold out.  Would love and appreciate you prayers.

Baby Update…

No baby yet! Lately I feel like a major disappointment.  Everytime I call my friends and family the first thing out of their mouth is…”is it time?”  And my response, “Nope! is such a letdown!  So here’s the latest.  I’m 39 weeks…3 days to go until my due date of Oct. 20. Yesterday, the doctor […]

Weathering the Storm

We are safely weathering Tropical Storm Hannah today. It is hitting us. We’re getting lots of rain and wind, so far the power is still on, but satellite tv is out: Here’s how we are hunkered down: [youtube=] Playdoh and cookie cutters did the trick for a while, but than Daddy took over and chaos […]

How to get closure?

I’m struggling emotionally a bit more than I thought with the loss of my Grandmother.  She has been sick for some time, and I know she is in such a better place, but I’m struggling with how to say “goodbye”.  We’ve decided it’s just not the best idea for me to travel by plane to Illinois […]

Remembering Grandma Floyd

  I lost my Grandmother today.  She passed away this afternoon from…well…”old age”.   She was one of the toughest women I had the pleasure of knowing.  She only had 2 grandchildren, my sister, and I, sometimes I felt like her daughter.   I miss her voice, but will never forget her spirit – it feels stronger […]

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