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Daily Prayer: For Your Deep Rooted Desires

On Today’s Show: How to instantly change your mood by reliving one of your favorite moments; daily prayer asking God for help in achieving your deep rooted desires, how to be a wise woman, and not feel like a hot mess! BIG NEWS! You can now listen to highlights of the show on your Amazon […]

The Single Mom & Not Freaking Out

Do you want to stop freaking out when the unexpected happens, and instead expect it to turn out okay? I sure do.  I’ve found this one of the hardest things in my Single Mom Life. This is how I stopped expecting calamity around every corner, and instead am expecting God to do GREAT and MIGHTY […]

In the Stable With Mary

Was it really a “silent night”? Listen to this perspective on what it would have been like for Mary on that first Christmas.  Poem by Beth Moore. Read by Amanda Carroll

Prayer for Real Rest

Need a real rest? Not the kind of rest that’s a nap on the couch while watching college football, the kind of rest that’s a relief from your worries. Then check out this daily prayer!

The Single Mom & The Most Important Thing

The single most important thing I want you to know as a single mom:  You are a whole family. You are not missing something, you are not lacking, you are not incomplete, you are not broken, you are important, and you have a legacy to build.  Don’t. Give. Up. Question:  What do you want people […]

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