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Amanda’s Village: The One Thing Every Girl Deserves

You can make sure she get’s it. It’s been said, “If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation. When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.”  I was overjoyed this week to see school supplies in the store!  I began getting excited at a fresh new opportunity for my kids to start school, […]

The Single Mom & Doubt

Am I ruined?  Can someone love me again?  Will someone accept me and my children?  Will I make it.  Oh I hate doubt.  It rears it’s ugly head I’m convinced as soon as you get close to accomplishing something amazing. You must kick it out my friend.  Fire it from your life.  Do not allow […]

The Single Mom & Uncertainty

3 Reasons Why you Can Feel Confident in Your Future Breathe.  The most powerful 5 words that anyone ever said to a woman I feel is this: “It’s going to be okay.” It really is, I paromise you  Simple, but doesn’t it make you powerfully exhale all your fears and worries?! Here’s why that feeling is real […]

SingleMomLife representing YOU on TV

GET READY TO ROLL!!! Wow!  You won’t believe the call we got yesterday. ” “Would you be willing to appear on a TV show?” Uhhh… let me think about that… YES 1,000 TIMES YES! I am honored to represent YOU my fellow single moms on TV tonight!  I’ll be appearing on “America Trends” on the Youtoo […]

Monday Motivation: NOT Your Fight

Your relationship status may say “single”, but your spiritual status says “in a relationship with one might warrior” The daily battle of single parenting is a righteous one, but it’s not meant for you to fight alone. It’s definitely not one to give up on either. This is NOT your fight. Live your life knowing […]

The Single Mom & The School Shooting

It was a conversation I never wanted to have over pancakes before school… Sunshines, if there is a person with a gun at your school I want you to run.  Run like hell home.  Don’t grab your backpacks, your coat, or your lunch, SPRINT. Yes, I said hell.  It got their attention. I’m not sure […]

The Single Mom & Unfairness

If you feel life has dealt you too many unfair blows, you are right! If you feel no one cares you are wrong. God knows the injustice that has been served to you on a platter. He sees everything.  He holds your tears. He also loves to make up for it all with big heaping […]

The Single Mom & 3 Secrets to Survive Valentine’s Day (like a boss)!

You can survive Valentines Day like a boss no matter what your relationship status says! Maybe your Valentine’s day is full of red roses and boxes of chocolate. SWEET Or maybe it’s full of disappointment and apathy. If this is the case, I’d like to try to change your attitude about it. It’s all about your […]

Amanda’s Village: Day 1

A thorough and dramatic change.  That is the definition of transformation.  Just like the caterpillar who has been crawling around in the dirt has to make a decision to go into a cocoon to transform, you today are making an important transformational decision, to be generous.  To make your life not about accumulating a bunch […]

The Single Mom & Reborn Courage

Courage isn’t something you inherit, you aren’t equipped with it through your DNA.  Courage is a choice, and if you choose it repeatedly it becomes a habit. Courage is reborn daily.  You just have to figure out how it is birthed within you. Maybe it’s after a long run, lifting weights at the gym, or serving […]