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The Single Mom & The Struggle

The life of a full time single mom feels like a constant struggle, like a track full of hurdles that you have to complete every day, and you start the race already tired. It’s like living on the edge of chaos every day. One slip, one hurdle knocked over, has a domino effect. Boom everything […]


The Single Mom & The New Wife

Pigs are flying.  I’m just saying.  Somewhere, it’s possible that pigs have grown wings and are fluttering around like butterflies after what happened this weekend. It was my oldest daughter, Emily’s 10th birthday. She requested a manicure party at home.  Now this sounds like a pretty easy thing, except a party at home means that […]


Cautionary Tale: 10 NEW Rules for Dating as a Single Mom

Are you ready to revolutionize your relationships? This blog might shock you. It’s the blog I’ve always wanted to write and never had the guts to, until now. Forgive me if your jaw drops, or if you get angry with me at first, just keep reading. Promise? Okay. I’m about to get very real… I […]


What if You said, “NO”?

I might have said “no.” If so, what would my conversation be like tonight with God if I would have lied and said “NO, I’m not a Christian” As I said a prayer for the victims  and families of the shooting at Umpqua Community College and began wondering, did some lie? Did they tell the truth? […]

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Destiny Single Moms: Get Your Brave On

If you are a single mom this is the place where you will be encouraged and equipped to be a super hero mama.  Join us for food, fun and encouragement. I’m honored to be speaking at the event and sharing how to “Get Your Brave On” when life doesn’t turn out how you planned. September 18, […]

The Single Mom & The Engagement

“So, I have some exciting news. When can we talk?” That’s what the text said.  I thought it meant the old house sold and I was getting my share of the down payment back.  Nope.  My ex-husband is getting married. Oh, did you think it was me?  (I’m about as close to getting re-married as […]

The Single Mom & Father’s Day

It takes a special kind of woman to make boo boo’s better and teach a boy how to throw a baseball. Dear, Super Hero Single Mama, I see you choking back tears today. I understand the hole in your heart that wanted the perfect father for your child to support, encourage, and teach them how […]

Hello His Radio!

I am thrilled to announce The Amanda Carroll Show is now on air with HIS RADIO! 12pm-5am ET! This means that the show is now on air ~ 15 hours every day, 6 days a week, and 4 hours on Sunday. The Lord is the expert at redeeming your life, and proving to you that […]


Love & The Single Mom: It’s Not What You Think

“Jesus did not die for you to be angry and bitter.” My pastor said that recently at church, and my jaw dropped. I had just driven to church in tears, praying, telling God how exhausted I was, and begging him to bring me someone to sit with that day. As a divorced mother with 3 […]


Single Moms: The Church Has Your Back

“Nobody’s messing with my sister!!!!” – Pastor Rick Ryan of Destiny Christian Church I know of this place.  It’s a place where you can find the greatest love of your life.  One that completely commits to you, wants nothing more than to see you thrive, and will not take advantage of you. It’s a place […]