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The Single Mom & The Second Chance

Dear fellow single mom, today, I want you to entertain this thought: “Allow your LACK, to propel you forward instead of hold you back” It sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Imagine your lack as the best thing that’s ever happened to you.  This is your second chance. I would like you to stop using the things […]

The Single Mom & The Vision for New Life

It’s time to create a vision for you life.  Yes, it may feel like your life just came crashing down and is a big stinking pile of dung, but let’s use that dung for what it’s best for, fertilizer for new growth. This unexpected turn in your life is not the death of you. If […]

In the Stable With Mary

Was it really a “silent night”? Listen to this perspective on what it would have been like for Mary on that first Christmas.  Poem by Beth Moore. Read by Amanda Carroll

The Single Mom’s Holiday Survival Guide

Oh no it’s here.  Christmas.   What do you do when your holiday celebrations no longer look like the dream you had always envisioned for your family?  You make a new dream. It’s supposed to be “the most wonderful time of year” but what do you do when you dread the “handoff” to Dad, when […]

The Single Mom & The Family Photo

Your picture perfect life is attainable, it’s just the contents of everyone’s picture is different. Celebrate who you are this holiday season and get your family photo taken. You will love looking back at it. This was the first family photo I had taken, 3 years into single motherhood. It’s been six years total now. […]

The Single Mom & The Support You Deserve

You deserve a man willing to put aside his own finish line in order to help you get to yours. To live The Single Mom life well, you need to build your support system, I like to call it your Tribe!  If you have a strong tribe around you, you won’t put up with anyone treating […]

The Single Mom & The Ex.

How to Choose Dignity in an Undignified Situation Ugh, we just got into another fight. What is it about planning a holiday visitation with your kids that always seems to cause stress, anger, resentment, and well I’ll just be honest childish behavior?! I want to do better. I have to do better. I’m learning that […]

The Single Mom & The Most Important Thing

The single most important thing I want you to know as a single mom:  You are a whole family. You are not missing something, you are not lacking, you are not incomplete, you are not broken, you are important, and you have a legacy to build.  Don’t. Give. Up. Question:  What do you want people […]

Letters to the Single Mom & The Married Mom on Mother’s Day

Dear Single Mom, He sees you.  He sees you stay up late to finish your laundry so your son has his favorite shirt to wear to school tomorrow. He sees you as you finish work, rush home to get your daughter to dance class, and collapse at night on the coach too tired to drag your […]

The Single Mom, Envy & #blessed

“Really?! She had to say #blessed with a picture of her Tiffany Pearls from her adoring husband?  If I see one more anniversary photo captioned something about living life with my best friend and a #blessed I am deactivating my Facebook account!!!!” Woah, that was ugly! Those were my inner thoughts while sifting through my […]