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The Single Mom & Body Image

There’s something very private I haven’t shared with you. I’m all about vulnerability and bravery, and yet I haven’t had the guts to tell you until now.  I want to share the secret. This winter I let myself go. I was experiencing heartbreak and I allowed stress and depression get the best of me.  I […]

The Single Mom & Hanging Onto Hope

Don’t do it! Don’t loose hope! God, you say that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life.(Proverbs 13:12) Lord, no matter what has gone done in life today, please remind me to never loose HOPE, a confident expectation of good things from You, God. I believe and […]

The Single Mom & Life as Art

What if you looked at your life as a work of ART, instead of a whole lot of work?! I want that perspective on my Single Mom Life, and I’m hoping to help you get that feeling too. Maya Angelou is well known for saying, “Life is pure adventure, and the sooner you realize that, […]

The Single Mom & Not Freaking Out

Do you want to stop freaking out when the unexpected happens, and instead expect it to turn out okay? I sure do.  I’ve found this one of the hardest things in my Single Mom Life. This is how I stopped expecting calamity around every corner, and instead am expecting God to do GREAT and MIGHTY […]

The Single Mom & Not Throwing a Pity Party

Hate that.  We’ve all been there.  Walking around not realizing you’ve got something gross on our face, until someone finally points it out. As soon as you discover it, you wipe off the offensive item (sometimes you need a mirror to get it right) and try to walk through your last hour wondering who else […]

The Single Mom & The Ultimate Love Letter

Maybe your Valentine’s day is full of red roses and boxes of chocolate. Or maybe it’s full of disappointment and apathy. If this is the case, I’d like to try to change your attitude about it. Here’s a Valentine that might help.  It’s a love letter to you from God. Every line is a verse from the […]

The Single Mom & Self Care

It happened again.  NOOO!!!  It’s 2am.  I woke up on the couch at 2am, tv blaring, makeup still on, unfinished glass of wine by my side, and dragged my booty upstairs to my bed, only to move a child over, to make room for me so I can sleep 3 more hours getting kicked in […]

The Single Mom & Transition Day: 5 Tips to Put All at Ease

Transition Day: The wild roller coaster day where kids are swapped between non co-habitating parents. Are your kids crazy on that day too?! I realize all of us have different stories of how we arrived at single motherhood, and we all have different visitation schedules. For those of us who have visitation schedules with Dad […]

The Single Mom & The Second Chance

Dear fellow single mom, today, I want you to entertain this thought: “Allow your LACK, to propel you forward instead of hold you back” It sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Imagine your lack as the best thing that’s ever happened to you.  This is your second chance. I would like you to stop using the things […]

The Single Mom & The Vision for New Life

It’s time to create a vision for you life.  Yes, it may feel like your life just came crashing down and is a big stinking pile of dung, but let’s use that dung for what it’s best for, fertilizer for new growth. This unexpected turn in your life is not the death of you. If […]