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Prayer to CRUSH it!

Here’s a little monday motivation for you!  You got this!

The Single Mom & Hanging Onto Hope

Don’t do it! Don’t loose hope! God, you say that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life.(Proverbs 13:12) Lord, no matter what has gone done in life today, please remind me to never loose HOPE, a confident expectation of good things from You, God. I believe and […]

The Single Mom & Not Freaking Out

Do you want to stop freaking out when the unexpected happens, and instead expect it to turn out okay? I sure do.  I’ve found this one of the hardest things in my Single Mom Life. This is how I stopped expecting calamity around every corner, and instead am expecting God to do GREAT and MIGHTY […]

Single Moms: The Church Has Your Back

“Nobody’s messing with my sister!!!!” – Pastor Rick Ryan of Destiny Christian Church I know of this place.  It’s a place where you can find the greatest love of your life.  One that completely commits to you, wants nothing more than to see you thrive, and will not take advantage of you. It’s a place […]

Meet The Miners: Operation Christmas Child in Ecuador

“So, what do they mine for?” Have you ever asked a question and realize after the fact it was completely ridiculous? I’m the queen of that scenario. That’s how I felt when I asked, “what do they mine for?” after hearing that the parents of these children I had just met were “miners”.  It was […]

More than a Shoebox

You’ll never believe the gift that made this little 6 year old girl smile from ear to ear.  She lit up like a little girl on Christmas morning that just received the gift she prayed that Santa would bring her.  It was a toothbrush. Her mother brought her to this rooftop church in urban Quito, […]

OCC Day 1: The Most Powerful 4 Words in the Bible

There are four words in the Bible that I’m convinced are some of the most powerful instructions for your life. God has said these powerful four words to the most powerful people in the bible.  These people weren’t powerful because of their lineage, jobs, or income.  They were powerful people because they decided to push […]

Be Proud of Who You Are: The Single Mom & the Wrong Sacrifices

You’re not going to believe what I got to do today.  It’s something you might take for granted, or you might think it’s not even a big deal.  It’s a very big deal.  Today, I got to walk my children to school on their first day.  That’s never happened. I don’t want to complain. I […]

The Secret to Breaking Through

Summer is wrapping up, kids are soon to be in school, now what?  It’s GO TIME! What do you really want?  Here’s the secret to breaking through to get the life that you love.  Don’t make this mistake, do nothing. It’s time to take a step forward even if it’s scary to achieve the life […]

Your Superabundant Life

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