The Single Mom & Body Image

The Single Mom & Body Image

There’s something very private I haven’t shared with you. I’m all about vulnerability and bravery, and yet I haven’t had the guts to tell you until now.  I want to share the secret.

This winter I let myself go. I was experiencing heartbreak and I allowed stress and depression get the best of me.  I isolated myself from everyone. I lost friends. I experienced a great loss. But, I refuse to let it take me down anymore.

I’m a little embarrassed to share this picture with you. I was afraid of what people bikiniwould think. We can be so harsh and judgmental, especially women. Let’s face it, especially Christian women.

I don’t know about you but I am sick of looking in the mirror and not liking what I see. I am sick of shakes, diets, starving myself, comparing myself, and killing myself at the gym, but still looking the same in the mirror. There has got to be a better way. I feel, I’ve found it and I want to share it with you. I want you to join me!

This IS NOT about getting skinny. This is about getting STRONG

It’s the first day of spring.  It’s the first day we start to think about pulling out shorts from our drawers to wear, and in a few months yes, the bathing suit is coming.

So are you ready for the secret?  Oh man, I’m nervous.  I know some people will judge me, but my mama raised me to be the kind of woman that didn’t care what people think. So here ya go. I’m throwing myself into the ring of competitive bodybuilding.

Yes. I want to be strong. Yes, I want muscles. I would rather look strong then weak! Hey we carry the burdens of both parents, we HAVE TO HAVE MUSCLES! We take out the trash ourselves and rearrange the furniture by ourselves.  I want to feel so confident about myself that no one else’s opinion matters.  I want to feel and look strong. Will you come with me?  It’s exhilarating.

What if the first day of spring was not about fear, but excitement.  You can make a decision today to start this with me on the first day of spring, so when the first day of summer is here we are ready and confident to play with our kids not just covered up on the chairs at the pool, but IN the pool.

This is not just about looking good.
This is about becoming STRONG physically and mentally

I think it’s cruel to keep your secrets to yourself, so you somehow appear better and let’s just say it, hotter, then everyone else. This is not about competition. I’m over those kind of women.  This is about raising all of us up to a better standard. I don’t want to compete with you.  I want to partner with you to be better together. I have tried every workout. This one gets you the body you want.

In my humble opinion, the single mom deals with an even larger rejection of her physical self after having children, and loosing love. Or even more painful, never having that committed love in the first place. You don’t have someone telling you, you are beautiful. You don’t have someone coming home to you every night.  Every night alone feels like a rejection. It’s time to change who holds your self esteem.  It’s time to make it YOU.

What if YOU loved yourself? What if YOU thought you were in the best shape of your life? What if you didn’t need anyone to hold you up and make you feel good about yourself?  What if you did it, on your own.

First, what a fantastic example to your children.

Second, you would make better decisions on who you allowed in your life and how they treated you.  You wouldn’t put up with “mr. maybe he’s good enough” if you felt like an incredible powerful force of a woman.  You wouldn’t put up with “well he treats me okay, but I’m not sure if he’s willing to be all in with my kids” if you walked into a room and held yourself high because you felt STRONG!

Imagine if you felt like an impenetrable force of a woman you would set your standards higher, be strong on your own two feet, and wait for someone to come along who not just met most of your qualifications, but exceeded all your expectations.

I know it’s hard to find the time to get to the gym and eat healthy when you are solely responsible for your children and your bills.  TRUST ME I GET IT I AM YOU. I have found the solution!!!  After trying and failing at just about everything else. I was told to count macros, balance protein, carbs, and fat, what?  huh? how?  This will teach you!

day1This is ground zero for me.  The first day of spring, it’s time for a fresh new start. REBOOT!  Here’s my silly day 1 gym selfie.  Will you do this with  me?

Will you please stop wishing you looked physically fit, but doing nothing about it? Will you stop starving yourself? Will you stop wasting your money on temporary fixes?

This is the point where you think you can’t with your busy single mom life, but PLEASE keep reading because I’ve found the secret how you can.

I have teamed up with the amazing coaches at Iron Addiction to provide for YOU an INDIVIDUALIZED nutrition and workout plan for YOUR body and YOUR life. The owners, Mike and Trish Wood, are a married couple and proven experts in both training and nutrition to get you the body (and confidence) you’ve always wanted.

It’s not about the gym.
It’s not about your diet.
It’s about your commitment to your future life.

I have joined their team of athletes and I would love for you to join me! I’m not asking you to join me on stage in a bikini (however that’s my goal and it would be awesome) but I’m asking you to try their program. I LOVE IT!  I work out when I want and where I want. I have friends that have seen incredible jaw dropping transformations and I am hoping I am one of them.  I have an exact nutrition plan for MY body and MY goals.  It’s so simple! Every meal is planned out for you.  Every workout is planned for you.  There is no guessing at the grocery store.  There is no guessing at the gym on what to do. I got you.  It’s figured out for you!

Just like you have to have a plan for your education, your career, your kids, and your finances, now it’s time to nutritional and exercise plan for YOU!  What good are you for your education, career, and kids if you feel bad, aren’t healthy, and can’t earn to support your family?

Want to feel like Wonder Woman with me?

Here’s how it works.

ironaddictionlogo Iron Addiction is offering followers of a remote training program you can opt into.  Just go online to .  My friends, Mike and Trish, are generously giving just my tribe of Single Moms HALF OFF their initiation fee for the first 10 signups.   Fantastic deal! I have been using this program for months and am loving it!  It’s made the gym and nutrition much easier with my busy single mom life to fit in a workout and eat well.  If I can do it with 3 kids solo, you can do it too!

Very quickly they send you a workout with pictures and instructions for your gym. Trust me if I can figure this out, you can too!  Don’t be afraid of the weight room!  Hey you might meet some nice healthy strong men there!  Put your makeup on girl!  Next, they send you a personalized nutrition plan!  You know exactly how much of what you can eat for each meal.

Iron Addiction provides the tools you need to succeed, you just have to implement them.  Every month you will receive new workouts to be performed at your local gym or with your home equipment.  They will work around any physical limitations you have and design a plan for your specific goals.  Your nutrition plan will change as needed to keep your body progressing and avoid that dreaded “plateau”

If you are a beginner at this, no problem. If you are a competitive athlete, no problem. This is what you need to get to the next level!

I am focused and learning the secrets of meal prep and exercising and will share on a regular basis here on this blog.  Come back and learn how I use my crock pot for shortcuts, how I meal prep a week ahead to set myself up for success on busy kid’s sports Saturdays.  You got this. We got this.

Let’s build a tribe of single moms that are spiritually and physically STRONG!

Don’t forget the first 10 in get half of of their initiation fee!  Just go online to

What do you have to lose?  Fat. Weight.

What do you have to gain? Strength. Confidence. Excitement for swimsuit season!

Love you! Let’s get strong together!






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