Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday, August 12, 2005

This morning, my mom and I took “the girls” (my dogs Indy and Inga) on a long walk.  It felt so good!  I’ve been reading that’s one of the best exercises a pregnant woman can do. 

I enjoyed it so much!  It’s better then pounding your feet on a treadmill at the gym with your headphones on ignoring everyone else sweating next to you.  We got outside…in August…in Houston…imagine that!  We walked for about an hour talking about plans and ideas we have for the nursery, and the places we wanted to shop this weekend.  It’s a nice change of pace for me.  The dogs loved it!  Although, my golden retriever couldn’t understand why we weren’t running ( I used to take her on jogs with me on nice days).  She kept looking back at me and grabbing on to her leash…tugging it…like she was saying, “COME ON!  Aren’t we going to go faster?” 

It’s so nice to finally be content in things going slower.  Since, my doctor said I shouldn’t get my heart rate above 150 bpm, there’s no pushing myself to get that 4 mile jog done in 40 minutes, no need to load my ipod with the most fast tempo songs I can fine to keep me going!  Thank you!  I can get used to this!  I’m taking life a bit slower, and I like it!  

I’m really starting to “show” now.  People are starting to comment!  I’m getting that “baby bump”  YAY! I’ll take some pictures over the weekend and show them to you on Monday! 

Have a great weekend! 



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