Inspired by a woman named Ima Hogg

Inspired by a woman named Ima Hogg


     Since our trip to Bayou Bend on Saturday, I’ve been reading a lot about the woman with the most unfortuante name but most fortunate life, Ima Hogg.  She was anything but a joke.  She is inspiring.   Bayou Bend is the home and gardens of Ima Hogg.  After oil was found on her families land, she became an incredible philathropist, antique and art collector, and leader.  She started the Houston Symphony, in 1943 she sat on the School Board (something unheard of for a woman during that time), and most importantly she was a leader in Mental Health Care.

     Ima never married, but she was engaged.  She lost her fiance in World War I.  Struggling with depression she secured treatment from a specialist in Philadephia.  When she returned she established the Child Guidance Center in 1929 and eventually established the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health at UT-Austin.

     It inspired me to know that if a woman like Ima, born in 1882, struggling with depression during a time when women weren’t even allowed to vote, eventually overcame the disease, and made an incredible impact on her community.  What an inspiration. 

     It makes me think about the impact that all of us can have.  If we just make the decision to get help, overcome, and then give back to others.  What if Ima had never gone to get help?  We wouldn’t have the Symphony, we wouldn’t have the Mental Health Care that we have today. 

     Thank you Ima.  I will do my best to follow your leadership.

For more information on Ima Hogg  click on this link to read an online biography:

For more information on her home, Bayou Bend, now part of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston go to this website: 

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