Meet The Miners: Operation Christmas Child in Ecuador

Meet The Miners: Operation Christmas Child in Ecuador

OCC_logo“So, what do they mine for?”

Have you ever asked a question and realize after the fact it was completely ridiculous? I’m the queen of that scenario. That’s how I felt when I asked, “what do they mine for?” after hearing that the parents of these children I had just met were “miners”.  It was a rural community outside of Quito, Ecuador.  I visited it with Operation Christmas Child this week to deliver shoeboxes full of Christmas gifts packed by American families.

It’s not a gold mine.  It’s not a coal mine.  They mind for trash.  Yes, trash.  Most of the parents have left the country to find work, and their children are left behind.  The ones left go to the trash dump and “mine” for things they can sell to buy food for their family.  Most of the children that I had spent the afternoon with were abandoned.  In Ecuador there’s no safety net.  There’s no foster care, no welfare, and no child protective services.  They are on their own.

I had no idea.  I walked out of the church, hiding my face, because I didn’t want to these children to seem me cry.  What I really wanted to do was collapse on the dusty makeshift soccer field, sob, and scream at God.  I spoke with an Operation Christmas Child leader about the way I was feeling and he wisely fired back his years of wisdom.  “Well, now that you see the need what are you going to do?” I thought, “get them out of here!!!!!”

I wanted to go and find the little girls I had been giggling with and hugging, and pull them out of this pit of despair that is all they knew and bring them home with me.  I wanted to rescue them, but I know I can’t.

Oh they will be rescued, but I can’t do it alone.  Could you help?  He said, “This is what we do.  We show them the love of God, we give them the tools they need to learn about living a life that honors God, and they will be free.”  Yes, they will be rescued.  it may not be you and I going in to bring them back to America, but God will rescue their souls.  He will do it through us.

You have an opportunity today to make sure that these children get the message that God has not forgotten about them.  He sent his son, Jesus, to die for their sins, and He has a hope and a plan for their future even when life feel hopeless.  They get that message through a 12 week class called, The Greatest Journey.

Every child who receives a shoebox from Operation Christmas Child is given the opportunity to take this class at their local church.  Last year, 500,000 children completed it and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.  You can make sure that each child receives that opportunity.  For  just $6/month you make it possible for 12 children to take the class.  For $6 you show a child with seemingly no hope, that they can confidently expect good things from God.

Click here to support The Greatest Journey.  



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