More than a Shoebox

More than a Shoebox

You’ll never believe the gift that made this little 6 year old girl smile from ear to ear.  She lit up like a little girl on Christmas morning that just received the gift she prayed that Santa would bring her.  It was a toothbrush.

Her mother brought her to this rooftop church in urban Quito, Ecuador early that morning to see what the pastor said was a special Christmas program for children in the neighborhood.  She had no idea that she would hear the story of Jesus and how much he cares for her, let alone receive a shoebox full of necessities and little trinkets from America.

It’s so much more than a shoebox. I’m traveling with Operation Christmas Child this week in Quito, Ecuador to see first hand what happens when shoeboxes full of gifts are hand delivered to children in extreme poverty.  If you have ever packed one of those shoeboxes, this is the kind of reaction that you create.

Wow, and you thought your Christmas morning was crazy!

It’s not too late to build a shoebox!  You can build one online now by click here: Build a Box Online 

These shoeboxes built online go to the most delicate countries where the missionaries that hand them out risk their own lives.  You bring the gospel to places very few are able to ever go.  It just takes a few clicks….

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