One Thing Your Kids Need this Summer

One Thing Your Kids Need this Summer

Last night I sat down with my calendar and added up expenses for summer camps for all 3 kids.  There has to be a better way! I realized I was spending at least $600/week just to get my kids out of the house.  What if we did something different?  I fail my Sunshines if I give them only summer adventures, I must also teach them to serve.   What if we scratched the summer camp tradition and decided as a family to SERVE together! We could volunteer, we could do projects around our neighborhood, we could be more generous.


I immediately thought about Sharin.  A young mother I had the pleasure of meeting when I visited her home in Parulia Para Bangladesh last month.  She is married with three children.  She doesn’t worry about what summer camps she is sending her kids to.  She worries about how to feed them.  She doesn’t worry about paying for summer camps, she can’t even pay for school. She worries about her oldest, Liza, who has special needs and NO medical care.  She can’t walk, so she crawls around on the soiled ground in their village.  Her husband drives a rickshaw and makes about $3/day.  To try to put food on the table Sharin has to beg on the crowded unsafe streets of Bangladesh.


Here’s on idea on who you could serve this summer, Sharin.  I’ve partnered with World Concern to help her.  Together we’re coming alongside this one village in a partnership that will transform this village over 3 years. The first thing we have to tackle is hunger. Children in this village are hungry and we start the transformation by making sure they have enough to eat. You start it! It’s simple…but it’s the start.  After we address hunger we can move on to efforts that will educate kids and then work on the economics.


It’s so exciting to know that in 3 years Sharin and all her other mom friends in Paurlia Para will be able to support themselves instead of begging on the streets thanks to you!  She then, might get to worry about what do with her kids when they are home for the summer.  What a gift.


Let’s do this.  If you would like to serve the poor this summer, I would love for you to join me in transforming Parulia Para, Bangladesh with World Concern.  Your gift of $39/month will have an incredible impact!  Go to


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