Prayer for ALL Moms, Single Moms, Step Moms…Superheroes

Prayer for ALL Moms, Single Moms, Step Moms…Superheroes

Father, thank you for the gift of motherhood; the ultimate opportunity to create life, build a legacy, and learn what complete and utter sacrifice is all about.

For the mother who is in the middle of the motherhood battle and is exhausted today, give her rest and a renewed purpose.  May her children come home and magically clean up their rooms and allow her to nap.

For the mother whose children are grown and misses those messy handprints on her windows, I pray for you to renew her purpose too, help her feel that her legacy is important and may You nudge her children to blow up her phone this weekend with appreciate for her sacrifices.

For the woman who wants to become a mother I pray you comfort her during the waiting, bring her a renewed purpose during this time, and may You hurry and send the child that she’s dreamed of it and have it be the easiest pregnancy ever.

For the single mom, that fears no one will recognize her on Mother’s Day, may you erase envy of her married mom friends and may one of them adopt her and her kids for the day so she can sit by the pool feeling like Wonder Woman.

For the single dad who has to be both mother and father, may you be overcome with gratitude that God sees you as so incredibly talented at parenting that You get both roles, and may you learn to braid hair like the best of us.

For the step mom who walks a delicate balance to love a child whose not even hers, and be careful to not overstep her boundaries may she feel appreciated for every effort, and maybe even get a little appreciation from the biological mother.

Father, if I left anyone out forgive me, just help every single person who is charged with loving and caring for one of your children feel valued for Mother’s Day, and may You give us a nap.

Most of all, help us to all get along, respect each others choices for working or not working, vaccinating or not vaccinating, full custody or shared custody.  Please remove judgment and help us become each other’s cheerleaders!  -In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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