Prayer to Calm down the Christmas Crazy

Prayer to Calm down the Christmas Crazy

tumblr_lv6c37gRaB1r6br90o1_500Oh Lord, I’m hanging on for dear life!  It feels like the last mad rush before Christmas to cross everything off my list.  Could you help me calm down and actually enjoy it?

Help me to avoid road rages, find a great parking spot at the mall, and run into happy retail employees.  Please help my UPS driver to be safe and get everything to my home in time.  Oh and please help me to smile as I rush around convincing my kids to dress up for their school Christmas performances.

Most of all God, help me to be a good example of You.  Since most people, know that I am your follower help me to be a shining happy example this Christmas instead of a Christmas crazed mom that wants to pull her hair out!  Bring on the calm! – In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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