The Adventures of Greg and Amanda at Babies R Us

The Adventures of Greg and Amanda at Babies R Us

My husband, Greg. 

Greg’s side of the story:

I think that having a baby around will be exciting and enjoyable.  I can already picture the teaching my child about the difference between DLP and LCD home theater technologies, between proper subwoffer calibration (flat response from 16hz to 80hz isn’t easy!), and of course watching star wars with my child for the first time. 

Shopping for baby stuff, on the other hand, sucks the life out of me almost as bad as shopping for antiques (that’s the ultimate life sucker I’ve found, even worse then watching Dr. Phil).  My first memory as a baby was a baby swimming pool, and climbing steps… at the tender age of 2 (or 3) I don’t seem to recall being worried about the color of my room, the fluff in my bed, the changing table… I do remember thinking that I wanted to see the bulldozer and to touch the doggie.  

So, enter the TAO of Greg and shopping.  Cheaper is better until the baby is 3 in which case, hope that they like home theater.  Contrast this with the TAO of Amanda and shopping.  Twall (Amanda:  that’s how he spelled it, he means “toile”) Green is better.

Nonetheless I endured for 27 min. before proposing we settle for what works best for Amanda and I: the e-shopping trip.  Amanda can find the best deals on green stuff while I can sit back, play my video game and take the occasional glance at the computer’s Ebay or Amazon screen while commenting “Yes Dear, sure, spiffy, just add up the costs and don’t forget shipping”.

Amanda’s side of the story:

I’m taking it easy today after a whirlwind weekend of visiting family and shopping.  My husband’s parents, sister, and brother were visiting from Indiana this past weekend. We shopped and ate our way through Houston. My in-laws even had to borrow an extra suitcase to take home their loot. 

But, after we dropped them off at the airport on Sunday, there was still one more thing I had to fit in.  A trip to the “mecca” of all expectant and new moms…oh yeah…Babies R Us!  With tired husband in tow…I marched right in with pen and paper in hand ready to take notes and start building my budget for the nursery. 

Upon entering the store, my tiredness from the weekend faded away and excitement kicked in.  Funny, it had the complete opposite affect on my husband, Greg.  While I decided to attack the store in a methodical, organized manner so I wouldn’t miss anything…Greg went for the cart so he had something to lean on. 

We looked at the car seats and strollers first, while I commented on how the sage green Graco products with toile fabric matched our color scheme nicely, Greg pointed out the least expensive item of each category.  And kept commenting loudly, “why is everything $100?”  and “since when does JEEP make strollers for babies?”

I silently ignored his comments (although I did roll my eyes a few times) and continued to meander my way through the aisles and made my way to the furniture section!  Upon discovering the endless combinations of matching cribs, changing tables, and armoires I let out an awstruck, “huh!”…meanwhile Greg made a bee-line for the Gliders where he proceeded to “test them out”.  By the time he made it to the soft puffy chaire that rocked and turned with an ottoman, I knew I had lost him…it was nap time for Greggie!  Funny, he wasn’t the only husband “testing out” that section of the store.

After taking my notes and picking up flyers, I had pretty much decided on the furniture I liked…to Greg’s delight…it was the least expensive set there!  Just gotta love the classic Jenny Lind spindle crib. 

Then it was off to the bedding section!  By this time though, Greg had enough.  He found me with a super-soft sage baby blanket in my hands, and proceeded to explain why it was time to go home.  He said, “this store is sucking the life out of me.”  I took one look at his pouting little face and realized, I had pushed him a bit too far.  The man that doesn’t like to spend more then 30 minutes away from high speed internet, had just spent almost an hour at Babies R Us.  Okay, it was time to go…I just had to buy the white maternity shirt with the rhinestone “Baby” on the front first….then I’ll do the rest online

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