The Single Mom & Mother’s Day

The Single Mom & Mother’s Day

3 Ideas to Survive Morher’s Day when you are a Single Mom

1. Make your own plan. It’s one of the greatest aspects to being a single mom, you choose! Don’t set yourself up for the whims of someone else. Do what you want to do and don’t care about what anyone else thinks. My Sunshines and I are not going to a stuffy fancy brunch, we are packing PB&J’s and going on a hike, because that’s what makes us happy!

2: Bring friends or family. Surround yourself with people that you love to be with and support your single mom life. You could team up with another single mom, invite someone over who would otherwise be alone. Be generous, be WITH others. I once isolated myself for Mother’s Day weekend thinking it was the best option and I ended up driving home [email protected] in a puddle of tears because I felt so alone. Surround yourself with LOVE!

3. Stay off Facebook and Instagram. This is a delicate emotional day. The last thing you need is to watch news feeds of others and allow envy to brew bitterness. Protect your emotions and get away with your Sunshines celebrating your complete family. On Monday post your picture confidently celebrating the fact the the picture perfect family is attainable it’s just the contents of everyone’s picture is different.

You are amazing! You are a rockstar! You are no mere mortal, you are a strong single mom!

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