The Single Mom & Starting Over

The Single Mom & Starting Over

There are angels sleeping among you. Open your eyes and see what you have, instead of wallow in what’s missing.

I woke up to this angel face this morning.

There’s something special about the bond a single mom has with her children. It’s not that it’s better than married couples, it’s just a different type of connection. When you go through a struggle, you get stronger together.

I have raised Zoe Grace completely solo. Since she was 8 weeks old. She is almost 7 now.  She’s my constant buddy, always full of love and joy. She’s a gift, not a hardship. I thought life was over when I was single and breastfeeding this one, but turned out a new life was just beginning.

Look around at the gifts you have in your life today. Look at this as an opportunity to start over. Single motherhood is not death! It’s a rebirth. Remember an ending is always followed with a new beginning.

Zoe asked me this morning, “mom is your bucket full now?” She was referring to the children’s book “How full is your bucket?” Where you fill your friends imaginary buckets with love and compliments, and empty them with criticism and teasing.

She knew I was empty yesterday, so she sat in my lap during her brother’s baseball game, and climbed into my bed to keep me company last night.

Yes, Zoe, mommy’s bucket is full now. Time to now go fill others with the love that we share. Let it overflow today.

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