The Single Mom & Taco Tuesday

The Single Mom & Taco Tuesday

Why is it always something about Taco Tuesday? The single mom life is chaotic, kind of like a marathon except you are sprinting the entire way. That’s why you need to create consistency and multitasking for your own sanity.

IMG_5026Taco Tuesday is our consistency. Every week my Sunshines know what’s for dinner. Sometimes it’s at home, most of the time it’s on the road to soccer or baseball or dance. Or like today I’m cooking while my first grader, Zoe, is doing her reading homework.

But always without fail on Tuesday’s we have tacos…together. They can pretty much make them on their own now. You need something you can count on as a kid when you have a single mom. Yes, tacos are our security.

IMG_5031I know it works because now the kids invite their friends over because they know we have tacos! I always wanted to be the place all Sunshines and their friends gather, turns out Taco Tuesday created that! Try it. You won’t regret it. If you don’t like tacos you could always try Meatloaf Mondays… but why?

If you want to try Taco Tuesday you simply MUST get these American Metalcraft taco holders! (seen in my pic) They are $8 and you will be so thankful! They are perfect to help serve lots of kids without making a huge mess.  Instead it’s just a little one!

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