The Single Mom & The Greatest Strength

The Single Mom & The Greatest Strength

The ONE greatest strength that could become your greatest weakness in your Single Mom Life: Independence.
On one hand you you get the freedom to choose how to decorate, what’s for dinner, how to spend your free time.
On the other hand it’s easy to overspend on Amazon, overeat at night, and do things you shouldn’t during your free time.
No accountability can be exhilarating, it can also bring you down to your knees with heartache.
Choose wisely what you do with your freedom. Build the life you’ve always dreamed of, not one that will bring you and your kids down.

3 Ways you can safeguard yourself:

1. Always make your kids are the priority.

I know this sounds obvious, but it’s harder than it seems.

What do you do when that hot guy asks you out when your son has a baseball game?  You choose the game.  He can wait.  Your kid needs you there instead of course on a date.

2. Go to bed early.

Nothing good comes from staying up late.

I end up eating junk food and am cranky for my kids the next day.  Your Sunshines deserve a well rested health mom!

You also end up swiping on dating apps giving men a window into your life you should never give a stranger.  The apps are cool and all, but  not when you use them for company and validation. If you are swiping at  hit just to get a little attention, you will hook up with the wrong kind of man.

3. Put yourself on some spending limits.

I get it.  It’s awesome not to have to ask for permission anymore to buy a new bag, shoes, outfits, that new pressure cooker thing that will save dinner! Don’t let that freedom end up robbing your future because of debt.

Tip: Instead of shopping around on Amazon, I like Facebook yard sales!   Someone is always getting rid of that one new thing that you want.

Build the life you dream of! Allow your independence to help you soar instead of bring you down.

This way, you can use your independence to save for a house, plan a family vacation, and hold out to meet a good man who respects that your kids will always come first.


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