The Single Mom & Depression

The Single Mom & Depression

Do you ever have a day like this? I woke up feeling down today, it was hard to get out of bed. I didn’t want to be alone today. BUT once I mustered up the strength to get up, sipped some coffee and began watering my flowers I realized all is not dead.

There is a Superbloom going on in California this Spring. It’s a scientific fact, after years of extreme drought there are surprise wildflowers EVERYWHERE!  Where it used to be all brown dead grass there are fields of rainbow colored wildflowers. There are websites devoted now to the best spots to see the Superbloom 2017 in California. Today, I encourage you to find the best spots to see your Superbloom for your life.

These roses in my yard haven’t bloomed for 2 years because of the California drought. I thought they were dead. But no today I counted 16 blooms! Now I’m thankful for all the rain this winter in Northern California.

A death is always followed with new life. An ending always brings a new beginning. A drought is followed with a superbloom!

This yellow rose is a symbol of joy and friendship, and is the “get well” rose. Seemed like a loving message from my Jesus today… he is love, he is always with me, he is my healer.

May it rain on your life today and cause a superbloom for your dreams. I know one is coming for Exciting growth happening right now. To continue to receive encouragement for your Single Mom Life, sign up here and you’ll get a

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