The Single Mom & The Support You Deserve

The Single Mom & The Support You Deserve

You deserve a man willing to put aside his own finish line in order to help you get to yours.

To live The Single Mom life well, you need to build your support system, I like to call it your Tribe!  If you have a strong tribe around you, you won’t put up with anyone treating you poorly and treating you less then you deserve.

If you can ignore the crazy screaming mom (me) and look to the far left of this video you will see a little boy in a green shirt holding a red soccer ball and running. That’s my son, running on the sidelines next to his sister yelling “YOU CAN DO IT!”

Every woman needs some one to support her like this.  You deserve someone WITH you, running alongside of you, and cheering for you too. I am so grateful my daughter is learning that from her brother. He’s even teaching me.

If you have a man WITH you like this in your life appreciate him and never let him go! If the man in your life who is not WITH you like this, then it’s time to let him go.

If you don’t have a man in your life and want someone to be WITH you like this then allow your tribe to be there!  Ask for help, ask for support, invite them over, you be WITH them.

If you don’t have that tribe yet then be that support for someone else.  Be WITH them. So the next time you need support then it will be there for you.

Most importantly, I want you to know this, if this “sideline spot” is empty physically it is not empty spiritually.  God is there WITH you, waiting for you to notice Him running beside you whispering, “You can do it…”

He’s saying , “Be strong and courageous, for the Lord Your God is WITH you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9)

He is WITH you when you are up all night with a sick kid and go to work the next morning exhausted.

He is WITH you when you are sitting at your son’s soccer game wishing you had a dad there too.

He is WITH you when you have a flat tire and no one to call for help.

He is WITH you on a Saturday morning when you are guzzling coffee and packing your mamavanwith chairs, coolers, and wagons by yourself for a day full of youth supports.  That’s what I’m doing WITH him today.

WITH is a very powerful word.  It’s an action.  It’s a verb.  It’s a gift.

Allow God to be WITH you today, and Get Your Brave On!

Who can you be WITH like this today?
Who can you thank for being WITH you in your Single Mom Life?

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