The Single Mom & Uncertainty

The Single Mom & Uncertainty

3 Reasons Why you Can Feel Confident in Your Future

Breathe.  The most powerful 5 words that anyone ever said to a woman I feel is this: “It’s going to be okay.” It really is, I paromise you  Simple, but doesn’t it make you powerfully exhale all your fears and worries?!

Here’s why that feeling is real and you can have it every day.  I found it in Psalm 36.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how David wrote his name as the author of this Psalm.  He could have written “King and God’s Chosen One” I mean hello Jesus is his great great great great great Grandson. But, no he signed it “David, the servant of the Lord.”  We’ll get back to that in a bit…


“There is no fear or dread of God, before his eyes.” -Psalm 36:1

As this may have been a surprise to you, this has not surprised Him.  He knows the events of your life.  He has been prepared to comfort you and lead you through any unexpected turn in your life. He sees you, your efforts, how hard you work, one day promises to lean down and wipe every tear away from your eyes.  He is ready and willing to jump in and be your champion, comforter, and leader.  He’s whispering in your ear every day, “it’s okay my daughter I am here.” You can be confident in your future when you FOLLOW his lead.


“Your mercy and loving kindness, O Lord extend to the skies, and Your faithfulness to the clouds.” -Psalm 36:5 AMP

News flash! If you think you’ve messed up too much this time for God to love you, my friend you NEED to know this fact, you are not that powerful.  God’s mercy for whatever hot mess has afflicted you or you have inflicted upon yourself is more than enough to cover. His mercy never runs out. You should feel so secure in His opinion of You.  You are his daughter, and he comes to your aid no matter what.  Depend on it.


“How precious is Your steadfast love O God. Men and women take refuge and put their trust under the shadow of Your wings.” -Psalm 36:7

You should feel secure in His love for you.   Before you run out and seek love, affection, and approval from another human being please hear me out and restore Jesus as your first love. His love for you is unfailing, unchanging, never-ending, always and forever. Once you accept that love, and feel fulfilled and confident in it, then you can go seek the love of another.  That way you won’t choose to be with the one you need to be with, you will choose to be with the one you get to be with. Oh yes this is a powerful truth.  When you don’t need someone you make an impeccably better choice then choosing the next best thing that’s convenient for you, available, and just around the corner.  Trust me.  Use me as your cautionary tale!  You delay finding the right one, when you choose to spend time with the “okay one for now.”


I find it fascinating that David titled himself a “servant of the Lord” instead of “king” in this Psalm.  I think it’s because he knows the secret sauce to success.  Serving.  Jesus was very clear about this.  He said, “If you truly want to be great, serve.” (Matthew 23:11).  Don’t roll your eyes.  Look at the legacy of Billy Graham. He rose to the top to counsel Presidents and Queens because he was a humble, loving, servant that reserved judgement.  My friend, there is a delicate balance between confidence and pride.  The secret to know you’re doing it right is to ask yourself this question: Is your confidence built on your own abilities or is it built on God’s abilities within you?  I get it that pride is a struggle.  Just remember you can accomplish so much more when you die to yourself and trust God’s ability within you.

Want more help in feeling safe, secure, and loved this week?  Then print this, write it out, come back here, and say this prayer every day this week to solidify your precious relationship with our loving Father.

Daily Prayer: “Father let not the foot of pride overtake me, and let not the hand of the wicked drive me away. (Psalm 36) I believe and declare my family will feel safe, we will not fear or dread.  I believe and declare my family will be secure in your mercy and loving kindness and assured of your steadfast love. I will submit myself to you, restore Jesus as my first love, take refuge under your protective care and not worry about our future.” -In Jesus’ name, Amen

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