The Single Mom & Unfairness

The Single Mom & Unfairness

If you feel life has dealt you too many unfair blows, you are right!
If you feel no one cares you are wrong.

God knows the injustice that has been served to you on a platter. He sees everything.  He holds your tears.

He also loves to make up for it all with big heaping doses of his loving kindness. So where is it?

It’s all around you.  David wrote,

“God loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his loving kindness.” (Psalm 33:20 AMP).

Today, instead of complaining about the injustice that has been served to you by others, stay focused and look for God’s loving kindness all around you.

It’s in the hugs of your children, it’s in the cozy socks that keep you warm at night, it’s in that new potential business deal, it’s in that friend that drops by unannounced to keep you company.

I dare you to write it down when you notice it! Email me back if you’d like, I’d love to hear how God displays his love to you.

Here’s a trick and it’s FREE!  Sign up for Gratefulness!  It’s a service that sends you a little text every day asking you what you are grateful for.  You respond and it collects them, and emails at the end of the week with YOUR list of goodness.  I look forward to it, and it’s always a reminder of what truly makes me happy!

Stay focused.  Look for Him.  Don’t blame Him. Trust Him.
“Our inner selves wait (earnestly) for the Lord; He is your help and your shield” (Psalm 33:20 AMP)Love,

Let’s face it Single Motherhood is HARD!! I’m here to be your cheerleader and help you smile every day, become the most effective single mom you can be and lead your family well  How?  Get filled up with encouragement!  There are FIVE ways you and I can connect with each other.

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