The Single Mom & 3 Secrets to Survive Valentine’s Day (like a boss)!

The Single Mom & 3 Secrets to Survive Valentine’s Day (like a boss)!

You can survive Valentines Day like a boss no matter what your relationship status says!

Maybe your Valentine’s day is full of red roses and boxes of chocolate. SWEET Or maybe it’s full of disappointment and apathy. If this is the case, I’d like to try to change your attitude about it. It’s all about your attitude!  So, I came up with 3 ideas on how to Survive Valentines Day like a boss!

1. Make it about your Kids:  Start the day with a treat (we do donuts!), make some cut out hearts and write on them compliments and the may ways you love them, stick them on their bedroom door and have them start the day feeling loved.  You could also take the out to dinner!

The healthiest, best thing you can do for your kids is RALLY!  Make it about love for their family.  You are a complete family, you are not missing anything.  Celebrate, don’t be down.  You set the tone! Show them to accept your circumstances just the way they are.  You make them feel comfortable with their life and their family, by handling this day like a boss!  Let them feel fortunate that they are your date!

Yesterday, a listener called into The Amanda Carroll Show and said she celebrates with her family by getting out the china, lighting the candles, and having a special dinner. She puts a little box on the table, with pieces of paper with a name of every member of the family on it.  After dinner, each person picks a name, and declares to the family what they love about that person!  I’m SO stealing that idea this year.  Want to do it with me?

2. Make it about other people: Okay so maybe you wish you were getting a blue box and a white bow from Tiffany’s or a dozen roses, I hope that happens but just in case it doesn’t, go do something for someone else!  The best way to get over feeling down about something in life is to go do something nice for someone else!  I’m sure you know a friend that is going through a hard time, maybe a coworker, a fellow single mom, or a neighbor.  Bring them dinner!  Send them flowers! Surprise them with a heart full of chocolate.  It will make your day!

If you really want to take this to another level try this idea “LOVE STICKS”.  One of my favorite Christian radio stations, 89.3 KSBJ in Houston started this idea.  You just write compliments on Post it Notes and stick them around town!  Things like “You’re beautiful”, “You are loved!”, “You rock!”.  Stick them up on the mirror at the gym, put them cars in the school parking lot, stick them around and make people’s day.  If you want you could even plug us and put “” on the post it!  Just think how much fun you will have!  You won’t even notice that you don’t have a date.

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3. Make it about God’s love: I get, you can get confused about God’s love for you.  You can feel too messed up for God to love you, but let me tell you something my friend, you are NOT that powerful.  I love the way the children’s book “Jesus Story Bible” describes God’s love. It’s a never-ending, never-stopping, unbreakable, always and forever love!

You need to have a plan for after you are home from dinner, the kids are in bed, and you are alone. This is the DANGER ZONE, where your emotions start to fall apart.  Instead, have a plan that you are excited about.  This is the time I like to draw a bath and listen to music, pray, and get close to God.  You could listen to this. It’s a poem, from God, to you about how he feels about you.  It’s all God’s word, a love letter to You from God.  Please listen.  This is how LOVED you are my friend…

If it encourages you, maybe you could also share with others, letting them know about the ultimate love of God. It’s a never-ending, never-stopping, unbreakable, always and forever kind of love…

Happy Valentines Day! You are loved…

WAIT!  One more thing!  If  you would like a special prayer for YOU to have a great Valentines Day no matter what your relationship status is! It’s right here!  I would love to pray for you!

Prayer for an Awesome Valentine’s Day! 

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