The Single Mom & When to Date

The Single Mom & When to Date

The BEST piece of dating advice I have ever received: “Be with the one you GET to be with, not the one you HAVE to be with.”

This was from an amazing woman who had been in my shoes. She had been a single mother and had recently remarried. I’ll never forget that lunch because I knew I was doing it all wrong. I knew I had to change.

I had jumped too soon into a relationship after my divorce. I was too eager to “fix” my situation instead of allowing myself time to heal and find myself again.

I know it’s so easy to fire up a dating app and find a date in an hour after you separate. Trust me, that will only set you back in the long run.

Wait. Heal. Find yourself again. Become strong and independent on your own two feet, then you will make an amazing decision and find someone who you GET to be with instead of HAVE to be with.

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