Top 2 Weekend Tips for Single Moms: Adventure or OMO?

Top 2 Weekend Tips for Single Moms: Adventure or OMO?

There are two types of weekends for most Super Hero Single Mamas (SHSM’s):

1. My Weekend.    2. Dad’s Weekend

You can look at this strange experience of visitation schedules with bitterness or you can choose to love the life you live and make each weekend memorable, with or without the sunshines (your children).

Some of us have every other weekend.  Some have every other week, Some  have to ship off their sunshines for large chunks of the summer because the parents live in different cities.  I’m in that camp.  My sunshines spend 6 weeks with their Dad in the summer.  There are endless visitation options. There are also endless possibilities to become bitter, or make it better.  I’m here to help you make it better!  Together we can choose to LOVE the life we live as single moms.

It’s time to reframe your lifestyle.  You have two types of weekends

1. Adventure     2. OMO

Adventure Weekend is your time with your sunshines!  So make it shine!  Choose an adventure on Saturday.  Hike, bike, go to the pool, heck dive in the pool with them!

OMO Weekend stands for “On My Own”.  This is your time to something that you could never do with your kids in tow.  Go paddle boarding, enjoy a dinner out at a fine white tablecloth restaurant that doesn’t serve chicken nuggets, or simply stroll the aisles of a grocery store without anyone begging for candy.  Ahhh…

What will you do?  Respond  like this:

OMO:  Run and trip to Costco (that’s my plan)!


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    July 26th, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    OMO – running and writing. :)

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    July 26th, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    OMO-put up a tent in the back yard while the kids are gone. (There’s no way I could have put it up with them here!) Tenting adventure when they come home.

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    Christi Kimball
    August 2nd, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    So I am fortunate to have my loves (that’s what I call my 2 amazing boys) most of every weekend. I get them Sat afternoons & all day on Sunday. I love that I get to take them to church every week! So today I am cleaning the backyard with some help from a friends teenage son (a little end of the summer cash for him) & setting up a new bigger pool (I am in Cali & it is still ridulously hot here)!


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